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It is difficult to get BBC NEWS  on the internet due to the massive congestion of information. These BBC NEWS WHATSAPP have provided a platform that makes it easier to get the latest BBC NEWS  update. Check out these links to join the best BBC NEWS WHATSAPP.

BBC News is an operational business division of the British Disseminating Corporation (BBC) responsible for gathering and broadcasting news and current affairs in the United Kingdom and throughout the world. The department is the world’s largest broadcast news organization, producing around 120 hours of radio and television programming each day, as well as online news coverage. The service has 50 overseas news bureaus and over 250 journalists worldwide. Fran Unsworth has been the director of news and current affairs since January 2018. According to an Ofcom assessment from 2019, the BBC spent £136 million on news from April 2018 to March 2019. The domestic, global, and internet news departments of BBC News are based in the largest live newsroom in Europe, Broadcasting House in central London. Parliamentary coverage is produced and transmitted from London-based facilities. The BBC also provides regional news centers around England through BBC English Regions, as well as national news centers in Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Every nation and English area produces its own local news, current affairs, and sports programming. The BBC is a quasi-autonomous company authorized by the royal charter, which allows it to operate independently of the government.

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The links below will offer you daily updates on news, science, education, sports, entertainment, natural catastrophes, weather predictions, and other topics, as well as other news items in Urdu on the BBC channel.
BBC News Urdu WhatsApp Group Link is the BBC World Service’s pledge station. Broadcasting locations include London, Pakistan, and New Delhi.


BBC News

BBC India news

BBC International news

Jk Breaking News online


Ujaagar news 7

Nation Times Latest News2


News Forever

BBC News

World  News

BBC News

Karama news

Daily News



World wide news

All India job news

All india BBC news

World Tak “News


news in india

24 hour news

India News2 video

MDU DDE News and Updates

News Paper


News pk & news paper pk

ShorKot News

News pak

All india news

News Network18 India

Telugu States Updates Eenadu (ఈనాడు)

Andhra Jyothi (ఆంధ్ర జ్యోతి)

BBC Real news

BBC India news

24 News

24 NeWsAlerT

Ujaagar news 24



24 News Forever

World Tak “News


BBC Urdu News Pakistan

FAF News

BBC News हिन्दी

News Urdu

News Urdu

BBC news Urdu


latest news Urdu


BBC News

Urdu News

اُردو ہماری پیاری زبان ہے

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BBC News All Updates

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If you want to obtain news updates from any state in India on WhatsApp, then follow the links below to News WhatsApp groups from India, the United States, the United Kingdom, and other nations. You may now join the news group and read the state’s daily news updates by clicking on the link of the WhatsApp group of the state whose news you wish to read.


  • Everyone is welcome to join the BBC WhatsApp groups linked here.
  • On the WhatsApp group, only BBC information should be shared.
  • Members should not exchange information that is available in the WhatsApp group.
  • Members are not permitted to change the WhatsApp group name or symbol.
  • Do not share information in the WhatsApp group more than once.


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